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Värnamo Sliperi & Glasmästeri were founded in 1933. At that time, we were wearing grinding of especially beautiful tableware. The knowledge and expertise that was founded then is something we are incredibly grateful and proud to have been able to advance and improve in our work. We want you to feel the family feeling. 

What we want to irradiate through our entire company is the family feeling, which we complement with constantly developing staff and machinery. Our goal is always to be in the first line of technology.

Flexibility is one of our honors words, which means that thanks to our modern machinery, we can turn around extremely quickly when required and still deliver customized products with very short notice to our customers. We believe that it is only the imagination that sets limits for what can be done.

As a large producer, we are aware of our environment. All glass and all metal are sorted for recycling, no material will be wasted. In our facility there is also a modern treatment plant that cleans all the drainage water that we then reuse. Our premises are heated by district heating in order to further protect our environment.

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Company information 

Owners: 2 | Employees: 30 | Established: 1933


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Värnamo Sliperi & Glasmästeri AB (VSG) is a member of the Svensk Planglasförening Association Association and follows the terms and conditions that the industry has developed. Read more ›


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