We are happy to offer you an authorized car glazier in top modern buildings with all the facilities that is needed for repair your car.

We can offer our customers a complete solution where we also manage the contact with your insurance company. We decide on if the windshield must be replaced or if it is enough to fix the chip. This will save you both time and money, and will also protect our environment.

Windshield chip is the most common damage to a car window and it is important that you fix it immediately as it may be the beginning of a crack. Due to our climate that quickly can switch from warm to cold wheatear it is even more important to repair your chip in time. The reparation will take approximately 30-45 minutes and you can stay and wait during the work is done.

If your chip has become a crack that is longer then 30 millimetres, it mostly always necessary to change the complete windshield. Self-interest rates vary depending on insurance company, but on average it is 1500-3000 SEK. If you need to change your windshield, you can book your time in the booking form. You will get a confirmation with a time-booking.

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 We calibrate your windshield!

In modern cars, the windshield is one of the supporting structures. It is often equipped with cameras and sensors that are important for your car's safety. It is therefore very important to us that if you change the windsheild you not only get a new car glass but also get it properly mounted and calibrated. We provide all modern tools and trained staff to make accurate calibration.


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Book online Keep in mind that if a stone shot has become a crack longer than 30 millimeters, it is almost always necessary to replace the window.
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