The majority of our business consists of the glass treatment we do at the factory. We are very sure that we want to stay one step ahead when it comes to knowing what the market wants in terms of processed glass products. In our facilities, we perform highly advanced glass treatment for all types of purposes.

The techniques we use today are that we cut the glass with a very modern cutting plant, and then process the glass further through grinding, milling, drilling, hardening and lamination. We also have a large part of the glassware market for shops, hotels, malls and exhibitions, and for this we also have the technology to glue and mount displays.

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Printed glass

Värnamo Sliperi & Glasmästeri has an affiliated company – Printglas that is located in Åkersberga, Stockholm. Printglas process glass through a highly advanced and well proven method. This method involves digital printing directly on the glass to create unique patterns with very high precision and excellent quality.

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