Our glaziery is that part of our company that carriers the most part of history. We often say that it is only your imagination that sets the limits for what we can do in glass.

Services that we offer include switching, repairing windows, changing glass in paintings, changing mirrors, cutting to pieces as desired, etc. We also work a lot towards the municipality and school.

Has anyone broken into your house by breaking glass? We can help you with the repair of windows and doors. Just call us 0370-305130 

Värnamo Sliperi and Glasmästeri are constantly working to develop and maintain specialist knowledge within the glass mastering industry. We want to give our customers the little extra when it comes to service. Not least, therefore, we are very fond of our oldest part of the company namely – The Glaziery.

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Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. You reach us by phone 0370-305130 or e-mail order@varnamoglas.se.

Our oldest department

Värnamo Sliperi & Glasmästeri were founded in 1933. At that time, we were wearing grinding of especially beautiful tableware. The knowledge and expertise that was founded then is something we are incredibly grateful and proud to have been able to advance and improve in our work. Read more ›

In the pictures above you see Arne who took over Värnamo Sliperi & Glasmästeri in 1967. His spirit and idea with the company lives on and is the essence of our mindset.