Stone processing is the department that have developed the most during the last couple of years. One of the main reasons is that stone is the material that increase constantly within the home decoration segment. Stone is mostly used for kitchen countertops, dishes for shops, hotels and bars. Thanks to our well-developed machine park can we easily process several different stones and the limits for what we can do is very few.


We are proud over that we can offer our customers a total solution for kitchen – including counter tops, sinks and faucets. There are several different decisions to take when you shall buy a counter top, not only colour, model and type of stone - besides this you have to know how you shall mount it, where the kitchen-range shall be placed and how it should be done. We are here to guide you through all these decisions and help you to make your kitchen become just the way you want!


Our partnerships give us the flexibility to deliver complete solutions

By working with Cosentino, our supplier of composite and natural stone, we are confident that there is something for everyone. To see and read more about the different stones as well as see all the different designs please visit   

We also have several suppliers of sinks and faucets with a width range of options. To see and read more about this, please visit and

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