Price list for stone cutting


Insurance company Price
Aktsam 100 kr
Bilsport & MC 0 kr
Dina Försäkringar 200 kr
Gjensidige 200 kr
ICA försäkring 200 kr
IF Märkesförsäkringar 200 kr
IF Skadeförsäkringar 200 kr
Länsförsäkringar 0-200 kr
Moderna Försäkringar 0-200 kr
Svedea 0 kr
Trygg-Hansa 100 kr
Vardia 200 kr
Volvia 200 kr
Watercircles 200 kr


Do you only have traffic insurance? Of course, we will fix the stone shot for you, but you will pay 1050 kr.

Price list for exchange of windows

Prices apply to both windscreen, side and rear windows.
Insurance company Price
Aktsam 1800 kr
Bilsport & MC 1500 kr
Dina Försäkringar 35% (lägst 1200 kr)
Gjensidige 1500 kr
ICA försäkring 1500 kr
IF Märkesförsäkringar 35% (lägst 1000 kr)
IF Skadeförsäkringar 1500 kr
Länsförsäkringar 1500 kr
Moderna Försäkringar 35% (lägst 1000 kr)
Svedea 35% (lägst 1500 kr)
Trygg-Hansa 1500 kr
Vardia 1500 kr
Volvia 1600 kr
Watercircles 35% ( lägst 1500 kr)


The cost of a windscreen calibration is different because it varies greatly the camera and sensor used. In the case of a fixed deduction from your insurance company, no additional fee will be charged. At the percentage fee, we aggregate the cost of the calibration in the deductible.

We handle your insurance company

We provide our customers with comprehensive solutions where we also deal with your insurance company. We decide whether the box needs to be replaced or if we make it enough. This saves you time and money as well as the most environmentally friendly option.

Windshield chip is the most common damage to a car window and it is important that you fix it immediately as it may be the beginning of a crack. Due to our climate that quickly can switch from warm to cold wheatear it is even more important to repair your chip in time. The reparation will take approximately 30-45 minutes and you can stay and wait during the work is done.